New blog, new guts

Hey, this looks new.

First of all I’d like to say I’m sorry to anyone who was registered on the old blog. This evening when I was shifting over to this new blog I didn’t realize disassociating the 1&1 blog from my domain would result in it’s destruction. I was planning on migrating the old users (as well as some draft blogs) to this blog once I ironed out the kinks…. Nope.

The previous blog allowed for registered users to receive email notifications when new blogs were posted. I may just rely on RSS for anyone that interested in blog updates. I assumed 90% of the registered users where just spammers anyway.

I switched blog engines so that I now have direct control of the HTML where I need it. This lets me embed pictures and other media in the blog entries. I hope this restarts my interest in keeping the blog current, considering I had only posted about twice a year on the old one.

In the coming weeks you may see post-dated blog entries showing up. I have projects or things I want to share from the past couple years and want to keep them chronological order, so I’m logging them with dates that are associated with the actual event, rather than the date I bothered to type out the blog. Once I get caught up, I’ll just let the blogs lay where they fall.

Stay tuned.

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