My Perl “Hello World”

I spent some time working backwards from the ASCII values of “Hello, world!”, creating a mathematic relationship between the characters and then obfuscating the pattern of those characters. Add a little bit of nasty looking Perl and you are left with a very ugly variation of the “Hello world” program:

my ($a,$b,$c,$d,$x,$z) = qw(100 3 0 $ 6bC z);
my $s = $d . join $d , ((join undef, map ord , ((' '.$x.$b)=~/./g)) =~ /./g);
$_ = join undef , map { $a+=!($_%$b)&&$c++; $a+=($_>$c)&&$b;
$a+=($_==$c)&&$c; chr $a; } (0..7);
eval "\$_ = \"$s!\\n\"";
s;$z;, ;;
print ucfirst;

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